honduras guinope

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caramelized honey, lemony sweetness, complex florals

region: guinope, el paraiso

altitude:1200-2000 masl

variety: lempira, ihcafe 90, and catuai

process: anaerobic


About Anaerobic Process

Anaerobic fermentation is a processing method where the coffee is processed in a fully sealed and oxygen deprived fermentation tank.

Coffees enter the anaerobic process in depulped cherries (honey). The beans are placed in air-sealed barrels or stainless steel tanks. After around 18-24 hours, the anaerobic process has started causing a breakdown in the mucilage and a buildup of CO2 pressure in the tank. This pressure forces the flavors of the juicy mucilage into the coffee parchment. The result is a very expressive flavor profile that oftentimes has notes of cinnamon, bubble gum or poached pear.

Once carefully removed from the tank, the coffee is dried to ensuring a halting of the fermentation stage. This experimental process yields unexpected and complex flavors, while also giving the producer great control over the sugars, temperature, pressure, pH and length of the ferment.


About LIFT


Having a strong presence at origins allows us to develop direct relationships with producers and have a better understanding of their needs. LIFT is a sustainable production program that provides valuable tools, training and services to coffee farmers and coffee communities.

Through LIFT, we work directly with coffee producers to raise their quality of life by helping them improve their productivity in a social and environmentally conscious manner.