About Us


Colibri Coffee Roasters: A Story of Family, Coffee, and Delicate Moments


Our journey begins with a single word Colibri (koh - lee - bree) which means HUMMINGBIRD.


In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Colibri Coffee Roasters, a small, family-run business, dedicates itself to bringing the finest specialty single-origin coffees to your doorstep and local cafes. Our mission is to support not just the coffee connoisseurs but also the hardworking coffee farmers through fair trade practices and initiatives for environmental sustainability. Each batch of our coffee is roasted with care, ensuring freshness within 24-48 hours of your order, and promptly shipped.

The inspiration behind our name, Colibri, is a heartfelt tribute to my late Grandmother, Frances Lesher. My childhood memories in Oklahoma are adorned with moments of her, coffee in hand, gazing through the large windows of her spa room, eagerly awaiting the next hummingbird's visit to the feeder. She was enchanted by their swift, delicate dance around the feeder, a dance of fleeting yet beautiful moments. Some hummingbirds lingered for a drink, while others simply passed by, but it was this ever-changing dance that captured her heart.

With Colibri Coffee Roasters, we invite you to savor every sip, cherish the company around you, even if for just a fleeting moment, much like the dance of the hummingbirds that inspired us.