About Us

Colibri Coffee Roasters is a small local family owned and operated direct and wholesale specialty coffee roaster in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to bring the highest grades of specialty single origin coffees to your door step and your local coffee shops, while supporting the worlds finest coffee farmers with programs that support fair purchases and environmental sustainability. Our coffee is roasted day of order and shipped the very next day.

Whats with the name?

Colibri (koh - lee - bree) means HUMMINGBIRD.

The reason we chose Colibri is to honor my late Grandmother, Frances Lesher. I remember growing up in Oklahoma and watching her sip her coffee and stare out the large spa room glass window in anticipation of the next delicate tiny hummingbird to perch itself on the feeder outside. She loved watching them flutter by in their nervous-like dance as they checked every inch of the feeders perch. Some would stay, have a drink or two and some would go. But it was the forever dance that I believe she fell in love with.

Enjoy every sip with those around you, even if its just for a moment.