colombia finca la reserva geisha

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 strawberry, white grape, lavender, rose

region: bolivar, antioquia, colombia

altitude: 1900-2000 masl

variety: geisha

process: 96 hour anaerobic honey


What is Geisha coffee?

Geisha coffee beans are a variety under the Arabica coffee species. It’s also one of the most highly coveted varieties in the world, valued for its incredibly distinct flavor profile that includes delicate floral notes and tea-like character. The trees are naturally low-yielding and can be difficult to cultivate due to their sensitivity, adding to the rarity of geisha coffee beans available on the market.


Gesha coffee, as it was originally known, was collected from the Gesha region in Ethiopia and brought to Central America in 1953 as T2722, the variety we know as Panamanian Geisha today. Since experiencing exceptional success at the “Best of Panama” auction and gaining acclaim over the decades, gesha/geisha coffee beans are now being cultivated in many origins around the world.


This delicious honey process Colombian geisha from Finca La Reserva boasts an incredible flavor bouquet featuring floral notes of jasmine, lavender, and rose, with fruity and tea-like characteristics of strawberry, white grape, and green tea.


96 Hour Honey Process Coffee

In this bespoke process, ripe red Gesha variety coffee cherries were harvested and floated to sort out less dense beans. Afterwards, the cherries were depulped but some of the mucilage was left intact. The coffee was then fermented anaerobically in hermetically sealed 200-liter tanks for 96 hours. Following, the coffee was fully sun dried.


The honey process lies between the natural and washed process. Similar to the washed process, coffee cherries are depulped. However, in the honey process some fruit is kept on the beans in the drying process. The result is usually a coffee retains some fruitiness and sweetness – like a natural - but with a cleaner profile and less fermented flavors – like a washed coffee.